I would like to welcome you all guys to our Kuwaiti Urological Association for this KUA round 2019-2021. I am very proud to work with six other active and competent urology members in the KUA group I am chairing. The KUA represents all active urologist in Kuwait, and I am eager to know your suggestions for any further scientific or social activities we can participate in. I hope that we meet your expectations.

Dr. Abdulnaser Alsaid

Best Wishes
Dr. Abdulnaser Alsaid
President of KUA
Consultant Pediatric Urologist



The Urology Association of Kuwait Medical Society aims at:

  • Scientific field: Encouraging scientific and medical research, holding seminars, medical lectures and other activities aimed at raising the level of specialization in the State of Kuwait and exchanging information and other scientific developments in the field of medicine.
  • Social area: Strengthening the orders of dealing and solidarity and strengthen campaigns of understanding and cooperation and increased acquaintance between members.
  • Professional field: Contribute with the Board of Directors in the organization of professions in one jurisdiction.
  • To strengthen the links: To contribute to closer relations with similar societies worldwide, through scientific conferences and participation in them.
  • Promote health in the community through activities and programs that enhances quality of health of the community.
  • Strengthening and establishing relations with international medical bodies to exchange scientific expertise.

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